Vive LaFrance: Life as I know it

4 Weeks on AIP… THIS is Fascinating!

What does body image have to do it? It has everything to do with it! ...and nothing. When you don't have control of your life (healh, finances, your body in general) and the outward sign that your insides aren't working properly... Continue Reading →

Alima Pure: Helping “But You Don’t Look Sick” Comments Come Your Way!

There are so many beauty-product reviewers out there for clean makeup looking for attention...but no one is addressing the concerns of those of us who are chronically ill, have a hyper-sensitive skin and hyper-sensitive smell (This is my biggest issue). I... Continue Reading →

Too Much White Space (Every Designers 🙄 Eye Roll, Sigh, Grumble…)

I'm a mixed breed… I have this chronic illness that touches every single part of my life and that needs to be respected by me and anyone who comes in contact with me. But that does not take away from... Continue Reading →

When You Go AIP…

So even with all my awareness spreading (or attempts at it) I've been following the AIP diet (autoimmune Paleo). Full disclosure, after three days, I needed to add back in coffee and my essential oil digestZen blend because if you can't poop... Continue Reading →

International Rare Disease Day 2017

It's International Rare Disease Day and I Advocate for All Rare Diseases, especially my own. Please make yourself aware that typical symptoms that fall under "everything-under-the-sun" could be something more serious. What do you see when you look up Acromegaly – a... Continue Reading →

Rare Disease Week 2017

My rare disease is Acromegaly. I'd like to Raise Awareness for very, early, they-don't-have-a-name-for-it-yet, acromegaly or pre-acromegaly, full-on acromegaly that cannot be reversed (Can't un-grow stuff), and for the need for alternative therapies to to address the irreversible damage that medications can't... Continue Reading →

How ‘Bout Knowing the Early Symptoms Too!

When you look up acromegaly symptoms you'll find at the top of the list or the only ones on the list:  ✋️Large Hands and Feet 👱 Enlarged Facial Features 🎤 Deepened, Husky Voice due to Enlarged Vocal Chords and Sinuses 🤓 Impaired... Continue Reading →

CHARITY, Do You Know Her?

I don't just try and solicit T-shirt sales for Acromegaly - Rare Disease Awareness (but I'm doing that too). Second Awareness T-shirt Campaign! Acro-What?2 I walk the walk – CHARITY, do you know her? When you're home, sick… chronic, you lose your... Continue Reading →

Gearing up for My Own Rare Disease Week. Are You In?

I have no idea if it's going to work. But I started with... Wanting to go to Rare Disease Week to Advocate Not receiving Art (cheating scandal ta boot!) or Advocate Travel Stipend.  Physically not up for going. Long days... Continue Reading →

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